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White - Melting Potes Vin de France

White - Melting Potes Vin de France

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This wine and I had a moment the first time I stuck my nose in the glass. It’s the epitome of modern French wine made in a region known for it’s classic styles.

Let’s start with the name ‘Vin de France.’ Usually if you see this on a label, it means the winemakers aren’t using traditional methods, grapes, or bottling rules for their region. In this case, the grape Savagnin isn’t typically grown in Burgundy, so if white wine is made in Burgundy without the grapes of Chardonnay or Aligoté the winemaker is technically breaking the rules set by French wine law. This is why you don’t see ‘Bourgogne’ or ‘Burgundy’ anywhere on the label.

The grape Savagnin is indigenous to the Jura, but three buddies came together to try something new in Burgundy. They borrowed the grape from their neighbors to the East to experiment in their hometown of Verze and wow was this a hit. The mouthfeel, acid, and mineral drive that this wine has is reminiscent of a typical chardonnay from this region, but it has depth and character that you’d never find here. This is a thinking wine, so take your time.

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