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Order Breakfast & Lunch Here!
Order Breakfast & Lunch Here!



We are following state executive orders on food safety, delivery and sanitation. All surfaces are sanitized before packing orders, each tote is sanitized between each use and deliveries are brought to your doorstep in paper-lined cardboard boxes that we quarantine for at least 3 days before using. Our team is fully vaccinated and monitoring our health.

Local produce is rarely “ready to eat” like supermarket clamshells may be prepared. As always, wash your produce before consuming. COVID-19 is not known to be a food-borne illness.

We recommend taking extra precautions in light of COVID-19. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after handling pick up orders and home deliveries. When visiting your pick-up site, please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated against the virus, and allow one person at a time to retrieve their order.


We are committed to keeping only the freshest produce in stock, so we order multiple times a week from many farms based on their availability.  Farmers are busy people and crops are constantly changing, so we may not have everything on order for an upcoming pack day until the final day of the ordering period.

In general, our products are fully up to date and stocked in the online shop by Sunday (for Tuesday delivery) and Wednesday (for Friday delivery) mornings, so those times offer the most selection. 

You can add items to a previous order in the same ordering window (Mon-Wed or Thurs-Sun) by simply placing another order under your name. We'll merge them and deliver everything to you as one order.

If you've already paid for home delivery, please choose a pickup site for your second order and add a note during checkout to clarify that you want everything delivered to your home.

If your second order doesn't meet the $15 minimum, please contact us and let us know what you'd like to add. We can add it manually and email you an invoice to pay the difference.

You will receive a confirmation email on the day you place your order and also the day your order will be delivered.

Orders placed between Wednesday at midnight and Sunday at midnight are delivered the following Tuesday between 12:00pm and 6:00pm. If your order is placed between Sunday at midnight and Wednesday at midnight, it will be delivered on the following Friday between 12:00pm and 6:00pm.

For home deliveries, we will text you when we're dropping off your order so you know to come out and get it.

See the bottom banner of this website for the timing of pickup sites.

Yes, there is a $15 order minimum.  This ensures we're covering the overhead costs of aggregating your order.

Delivery & Pickup

We deliver within the Eugene/Springfield area.  You’ll be asked to enter your postal code when choosing Delivery for check-out.  If you don’t live within the delivery area but still want to shop with us, please choose a free drop site.

There is a $10 delivery charge for orders under $75.  Delivery for orders over $75 are free!

We will deliver to your shipping address between 12pm and 6pm.  We will place your order on your doorstep unless you indicate another location in the notes of your order. Please listen for a knock, doorbell, or text from our delivery driver to know when your order is awating outside.

You can choose your pickup site in the checkout process. You will receive a confirmation email with the exact site address and pick-up window. Drop site orders are placed in an enclosed Rubbermaid tote. Please bring your own bag and transfer your groceries into this bag and leave the tote behind. Stack empty totes off to the side neatly, with lids all in one spot together.

Drop Site COVID-19 Safety: Please wash or sanitize your hands before picking up your order. Please do not touch other people’s orders. Please wear a mask and allow one person at a time to retrieve their order in order to maintain safe physical distance.

Yes, please bring your own bag or box. Do not remove the tote from the pickup site- we sanitize and reuse them for future orders.

If you forget to pick up your order within the site’s hours, your order is considered forfeit with no refund. If you want to cancel your order, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule with you or refund your order.

If you experience an emergency and are unable to pick up your order, please contact us as soon as you're able. We can't guarantee your order will still be available, but we'll do our best to help.