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A2 Whole Milk - Walden

Local, certified organic, 100% grass-fed whole milk. Tom McGrath of Worcester, NY runs a small, 45-cow dairy farm with his wife and 4 kids. This milk is minimally processed, and "cream-top" meaning it's not homogonized and the cream will rise to the top. This also means that the essential Vitamins are not broken up and make for a more wholesome milk.  A2 beta casein is the same protein that human’s produce naturally, so it’s closer to what we are used to drinking at an early age. A2 milk also contains significantly less BCM-7, an opioid associated with digestive problems and other health risks. Whether a cow produces A1 or A2 milk is based on the genetics of the cow. Every cow in our partner farmer’s herds has been tested and confirmed to produce 100% A2 milk!

1/2 gallon (64oz)