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Mustard: "Down East Schooner" Classic Yellow

Raye's Mustard

A classic recipe.  Raye's has been grinding this popular yellow mustard flavor since 1900.  It's everything you want from a classic yellow mustard -- rich yellow color, full mustard flavor, and a smooth texture.  Its the ideal addition to hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.

Down East Schooner won Napa Valley World-Wide Mustard Competition's Gold Medal as the "world's best classic yellow mustard" several years running! Bring this award-winning classic home to your kitchen.


Ingredients: Deep well water, blended whole mustard seeds, distilled vinegar, salt, turmeric and true spices.  

no cholesterol, no fats, no eggs, no sugars, no additives, reduced sodium, low carbohydrates, kosher certified.