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*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey

*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey

[Roast Level] Light

[Region] Jagong Jaget, Takengon Highlands

[Grower] KGLA (Koperasi Gayo Lauser Antara)

[Altitude] 1,500-1,800m

[Varietal] Linie-s, Bourbon, S-228, Catimor

[Processing Method] Honey

We picked this coffee up on our trip to Sumatra last fall. While our friends at KGLA produce exceptionally clean traditional wet-hulled coffees, they also have been experimenting with washed and honey process methods. Alternative processing methods are pretty rare in Sumatra, which makes this coffee unique. 

Honey processing can produce a range of flavor intensity, depending on how much mucilage is left on the bean when it dries. This coffee is definitely on the fruitier side, closer to a natural than a washed coffee. So fans of Honey Honduran may find this coffee to be quite different. That's what we found interesting about it, it has a unique tart and fruity quality, while also retaining all of the full body that Sumatran coffees are famous for. 

You won't find this anywhere else!

1lb bag

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