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Kombucha: Fully Rooted

16oz bottle

Love Elixir: In a base of Honeybush tea (a cousin to rooibos and so named because of it's honey like flavor and smell), Hawthorne berry, flower and leaf, roses, cacao and vanilla flavor this exotic booch.

Citrus Hibiscus: Bursting with hibiscus and undertones of honey, berries, and orange,  this is not your basic booch! 

Ginger Reishi: Beyond the essence of ginger, adaptogenic Reishi mushroom liberates you from the stressors of your day, while the Yerba Mate base provides energy

Lavender Rose Hip: Rose Hips are the fruit of wild roses and a concentrated form of Vitamin C.  Aromatic lavender relieves stress, improves mood, and promotes rest. This delightful combination creates a tart and floral taste in a black tea base.  

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