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Kosho Salami (Homegrown)

Kosho Salami (Homegrown)

Bright and spicy with a fermented chili-citrus paste

HOMEGROWN – Limited release, made with Short Creek Farm pasture-raised pork This KOSHO salame is made with the bright, fiery Japanese condiment of the same name. Late each summer, we combine all the ripe hot chilis we can find with piles and piles (mountains, really!) of citrus zest. We salt it all down and let it mellow, slightly, until all the big, brash flavors somehow meld into a harmonious whole. This is a salame to savor on its own or, if you’re inclined toward excess, perhaps as un apéro with some little Picholine olives.

Ingredients: Short Creek Farm pasture-raised pork, sea salt, kosho (chili, lemon, orange, salt), water, chili, celery powder, turbinado sugar, Sichuan peppercorn, lemon, orange, cherry powder, starter culture, in edible collagen casing


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