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Grapefruit Tarragon Soda - Savouré

Grapefruit Tarragon Soda - Savouré

This one is a superior sipper, bitter and tonicesque with bright citrus on the tongue, plenty of tarragon on the nose. Our solution for sober celebrations, it is like a lovely, layered, non-alcoholic aperitif that also plays very well with your favorite gin or tequila.

ingredients: water, *grapefruit, raw honey, *cane sugar, *tarragon, *lemon, salt


savouré soda is a homemade sparkling taste sensation in a glass – or for lack of a better word, soda. Here’s how it works: we take seasonal local fruit, infuse it with fresh herbs, mix in natural sweeteners, add some bubbles then put it in your hand.

12oz / 255mL

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