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Cardinal Sin

Cardinal Sin

{ a punishingly hot sauce }

Lust. Wrath. Greed. Gluttony. Pride. Envy. Sloth. Have you been naughty? This bottle is here to punish you, masochist. Relax: to the habanero’s perilous glare & the hot paper lantern's seductive fury, maple sugar offers the taste buds a chivalric shield: balance in purgatory. While you're there, let the chilis do what they’ve done since ancient Aztec history: boost circulation, battle bacteria, stoke digestive fire, jazz up any feast & banish evil spirits. Bad to the bone.

{honeyfield farm habanero & hot paper lantern peppers with side hill cider mill raw, barrel-aged apple cider vinegar, wayeeses farm maple sugar, smuggler’s notch well water & celtic sea salt}

8oz bottle

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