New name, same market: Pip & anchor is nantucket's 100 Mile Market


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Nuts: Roasted

Virginia & Spanish Peanut Co   Providence, RI

Almonds: Roasted and Salted and oh, so lovely. Pretty much the most perfect roasty salty almonds we have tried. 1 pound bag of Almonds roasted in Peanut Oil

Cashews: Giant, salted and roasted to perfection.  1 pound bag roasted in Peanut Oil

Mixed: Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Brazils, and Filberts.  1 pound bag roasted in Peanut Oi

Virginia Peanuts: Fresh, crunchy, salted and delicious. 1 pound bag roasted in Peanut Oil 

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