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Marshmallows "Nomadic Kitchen"

These small-batch marshmallows are handcrafted, boldly flavored and pillowy as heck! Add sweetness and flavor to your morning coffee, up your s'mores game, make extra-indulgent hot cocoa or just snack away. These babies are a different beast than your childhood treat, but no matter how you choose to treat yourself, they're sure to spark that same child-like joy!

Toasty Vanilla: Extra floofy and with an unexpected warmth from toasted sugar, these vanilla marshmallows are anything but "vanilla". (contains Gelatin)

Dulce de Leche: Sweet and swirled with golden caramel.  The dulce de leche, or "milk jam", is slow-cooked for hours, taking on a complex and not overly sweet caramel flavor.  Perfect in hot chocolate, on s'mores, or eating secretly in one sitting without telling anyone. (contains Dairy)

Toasted Marshmallow: You read that right.  Full on Willy Wonka status. It's marshmallow inception. The vanilla-iest marshmallow, flecked with toasted marshmallow bits. 

Strawberry Rose: Made with real strawberries so they taste like real strawberries. Alexx says she's usually not a fan of rose, but when pondering how to lead strawberry into a more romantic-feeling realm, she started to wonder what would happen with rose taking the reigns.  The answer: magic! And she doesn't like rose! (and they're so so pretty) 

Passionfruit Coconut: So unexpected. So bold. A little tart. A little sweet. A little texture. A lot of unf. Nuanced and full of surprise. 

**These marshmallows are egg, gluten and nut free BUT they are processed in a kitchen that uses wheat, peanut and other nuts.**

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