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    June Newsletter

    June 18, 2022

    June Newsletter
    WE DID IT!!!! WE ARE OPEN!!!!

    If you are on this newsletter list you probably all know this but we just can't stop shouting it from the rooftops AND we would love to see you in our new space if you haven't already made it over. As can happen when you collaborate with some amazing people (ReMain Ventures, Audrey Sterk, Clarke Brothers Construction, Gryphon Architects and more...), amazing things happen and this space feels like a testament to some serious creative vision and execution.

    It is also a testament to the Pip Team's vision for how grocery shopping could be different. Two years ago we started asking some questions:

    What If every week when you buy groceries you didn't feel like you wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Can we create a space that you enjoy being in?

    What If every week you could stop wondering what was in season and just KNOW what's in season. Could we sell only things that are in season?

    What If every time you shopped you were supporting local. Could we sell only things that are local or regional?

    What If eating local food could be more accessible to those of us who can't find it easily or for those of us who may not be able to work it into our weekly budget. Could we find a way to make shopping local easy and also address issues of food security?


    Come on down to see what our answer to those questions looks like in person THIS FRIDAY THE 24TH OF JUNE FOR OUR 'GRAND OPENING'

    Maker Pop-Ups, Tastings and general fun to be had.


    It started with the arrival of the Summer Savory. We all smelled it to remind ourselves what we could do with it. Immediately, I knew it had to go with chicken thighs (from Silk Tree) and mushrooms (maitake and blue oysters). Slow to Rise Bakery added some to their focaccia the next day.
    It is hard to pin down the aroma - thyme? delicate oregano? mint? It's summer's version of all of the above.

    I added green garlic and garlic chives to the mushrooms, roasted the thighs in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Smashed some cucumbers and then added raw Fava Beans, olive oil and seasoning as the green component of the meal.

    Never got there but I had a plan to make a red currant yogurt cake for dessert to really turn mid-summer into a complete meal.

    If the summer savory is out try using tarragon, chervil or even lemon verbena if you want to stretch the wings on your summer herb repertoire.


    2019 L'Imparfait Chardonnay from Familia Ramirez, Prince Edward, Canada
    Hinterland x David McMillan


    NOTES: Familia Ramirez Chardonnay is from one of the best vineyards in the County and grown by our friend Edgar Ramirez. Hillier - Clay - Loam alkaline soils. Pretty drastic North facing slope, giving the wine Chablis-style characteristics. Spontaneous fermentation in puncheons. Only 100 cases produced. 

    Well. Who knew you could grow grapes on Prince Edward Island in Canada AND that they would be so delicious.

    As this is a takeover by me, who has a far less educated palate than Chris, all I can say is that the first time I tried this wine I went in with the wrong mindset. It says Chardonnay on the bottle. I expected Chardonnay. So the first time I tried it, I was a little shocked. This was like no Chardonnay I knew but it did indeed grow on me quickly.

    The second time I tried it, I paired it with Slow to Rise Chili Crisp Focaccia, Boggy Meadow Baby Swiss, Wedges of hakurei turnip and a seat in a good friend's garden on a mid-summer evening. And wow. It was perfect. With my original biases set aside on the second tasting, it was crisp and wonderful like a Canadian breeze in late Spring.

    These wines come from the collaborative efforts of David McMillan from the pretty famous and well-known Joe Beef of Montreal. He has written some (hilarious and good) cookbooks, has several fantastic natural wine and local food-focused restaurants in Montreal and also collaborates on getting wines like these to our tables.

    Read more here and listen here.


    From totes to prints, gift tags to notecards, Barrie appears to have almost superhuman skills when it comes to printmaking. Her speed! The variety! The beautiful blend of nostalgia and joy that each of her prints brings to the table! We love Barrie's work and are excited to feature her prints, in many forms, at Pip.

    You can also find Barrie at the Sustainable Nantucket market on Saturdays and on Instagram for special orders.


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