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Monsieur Montreal

Monsieur Montreal

This is our ode to the classic canadian steak seasoning. Crunchy, garlicky, and exploding with peppery flavor, it features freshly cracked whole spices and smoked maine sea salt. Use for grilled or seared meat, or add a bold hit of savory flavor to veggies and grilled mushrooms. - Tasting notes: peppery, garlicky, smokey, crunchy - Pairs well with: burgers, steak, and grilled vegetables. - Try in: montréal french (canadian) onion dip, m montréal sausage patties - Special tips: we created this blend with grilling and searing in mind, so the spices are un-toasted to maximize their heat tolerance. we recommend toasting this blend if you want to use it in an uncooked application


Black pepper, Urfa biber (chile, sunflower oil, salt), coriander, onion, garlic, mustard seed, caraway, wild pepper, smoked sea salt, dill seed.

2.5oz Jar

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