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Everything Rainbow

Everything Rainbow

This full-spectrum "everything bagel" blend is crunchy, colorful, and crave-worthy! Instead of the traditional garlic, onion and poppy seed of classic everything blends, Curio added sumac for tartness, maras Chile flakes for umami heat, turmeric for earthiness, and blue cornflower for a floral, honeyed touch. Crafted in collaboration with David Goodtree of FoodGraph, this blend is great as a topping for hummus, salads, and eggs. Allium free!

Contains: Sesame, nigella, sumac, turmeric, fennel, maras (chile flakes, sunflower oil, salt), sea salt, blue cornflower.

Tasting Notes: Savory, tart, mild heat, earthy, sweet, floral, salt
Pairs well with: Salads, hummus, breads

2oz jar

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