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Starbird Fish: Hot Smoked Wild King Alaskan Salmon

Starbird Fish: Hot Smoked Wild King Alaskan Salmon

You've never had smoked salmon like this before. Capt. Anthony Naples heads out to Alaska annually to bring back to Vermont the very best fish. Using only sustainble methods and technology, this WILD Alaskan salmon is processed hours from being caught in Alaska, then shipped frozen to Burlington, VT for curing and smoking. Unlike farmed salmon, wild is leaner and more complex in flavor. The salmon is hot smoked in northern Vermont using simple ingredients like maple syrup and applewood smoke, to enhance it's delicate flavor and texture.

A note on bones: This salmon has been filleted by hand so as to maintain the integrity of the cut - mechanical filleting machines have a tendency to shred the fish. Due to this hand process you may still find bones in the fish.

Ingredients: Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon, Vermont Maple Syrup, Chipotle, Garlic, Tabasco, Lemon Juice, Kosher Salt.

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