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Pineapple Debloat

Pineapple Debloat

Hi, we’re Golde! Born in Brooklyn in 2017, we’re on a mission to make wellness fun and easy for all. Each of our products are powered by superfoods to boost your daily routine.From matcha lattes to papaya skincare, we believe that being well should feel good. You can count on us for products that are always 100% plant-based, made with real superfood ingredients, and never feel like a chore. We’re here to help you feel like your best self, naturally!

Bloat happens – this helps. Pineapple debloat instantly dissolves in cold water for natural bloat relief and lasting digestive balance. Sip daily or as needed. – digestive enzymes support digestion and debloating – probiotics and ginger support overall gut health – coconut water boosts hydration Mix one serving with 8 oz. Cold water. Stir well and sip!


Digestive enzymes support digestion and debloating Probiotics and ginger support overall gut health Coconut water boosts hydration coconut water powder, citric acid, pineapple juice powder, digestive enzymes, salt, turmeric (color), rice fiber, natural pineapple flavor, organic ginger extract, probiotics, organic stevia extract, monk fruit extract
8 on the go packets
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