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    • Goat Milk Skyr

    Villa Villekulla Farm

    Goat Milk Skyr


    Skyr (pronounced “skeer”) is an Icelandic fermented dairy product that dates back to Viking times. While it is in many ways texturally and gustatorily similar to thick yogurt, what sets skyr apart is the addition of rennet, an enzyme that is also added to cheese to aid in the coagulation of the milk. So skyr is technically classified as a cheese. Villa Villekulla Farm exclusively uses rennet that is derived from thistles.

    Skyr tastes like the love child of chevre, creme fraiche and labne — impossibly thick and silky, tart and bright. It is imminently spreadable, and equally gorgeous in sweet or savory contexts, be they a base for your morning granola and fruit, an ingredient in a moist baked good or a zingy, rich canvas for savory dips, sauces or dressings. I like it best schmeared on top of thick cut toast and drizzled with good olive oil and flaky salt or draped with spicy kimchi, but the sky(r) is truly the limit. (Sorry.)

    16oz glass jar 

    ingredients: pasteuried whole goat milk, thistle rennet, cultures.

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    Our Values

    • Local

      We believe supporting local builds a stronger community. We collectively support friends, neighbors, and colleagues to make and grow the things they love. In doing so, we get fresh goods made with care and we support a thriving local economy.

    • Seasonal

      Seasons change fast in New England and we are committed to only selling what is available locally. We believe seasonal eating supports our farmers and connects us to place. When you buy from our market, you know you are eating in season.

    • Simple

      Small farmers and small producers struggle to connect to you, the consumer. We want shopping local and supporting our neighbors to be easy and we believe Pip & Anchor does just that. All local, all season, all in one place.

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