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Calm My Mind Elixir

Calm My Mind Elixir

It’s easy to forget you’re made of stardust when you’re stuck thinking about all the things you need to manage today. The herbs in Calm My Mind Elixir help relax and restore your nervous system – through which you perceive and interact with the world – helping you stay connected to your sacred nature even in high-intensity moments.

Blue vervain, lemon balm, and milky oats join forces in Calm My Mind to help ease tension and lift your mood, taking the edge off a stressful day. 

To maximize potency, this herbal nervine tonic is made from fresh plant matter extracted in cane spirits. Like all elixirs at Loomis Hill Botanics, I’ve added raw honey and spring water to increase the yum factor.

ngredient Highlights

Blue Vervain has a powerful ability to calm the mind, inviting us to experience the present in a gentle, grounding way.

Lemon Balm relaxes and nourishes the nerves, lifting your mood in the short term and toning it with consistent use.

Milky Oats have mucilaginous properties that help restore nerve fibers, making them especially wonderful for the overworked and stressed.

One 2 oz. bottle contains approximately 48 servings at one dropperful each. Actual serving size may vary.

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