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Vinegar: Balsamic Apple Cider


Certified Organic. Flag Hill Farm’s exciting newest product is made from dozens of apple varieties, both tame and wild.  The resulting cider vinegar is sweetened lightly with reduced organic cider. There are no other added sugars or colorants. Before bottling, the vinegar is aged and mellowed for over a year. Time and handmade barrels with five different woods contribute to it’s fine flavor.

Use as you would any other balsamic: as a drizzle, in marinades and glazes and for a unique twist on a classic and delicious vinaigrette.

Side Hill Cider Mill Apple Cider Vinegars are produced at Side Hill from organic apples grown in Vershire since 1987 (certified since 2010) in his small, 200 tree orchard.

Neil’s apples are pressed at Flag Hill Farm and laid down in barrels.

4% minimum acidity.