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Alkame Co. Sea Soak

Alkame Co. Sea Soak

These luxurious soaking salts evoke a bath time ritual that is deeply comforting and relaxing. Made with nigari flakes (aka magnesium distilled from sea water—similar to Epsom salts but much more absorbable by the body), organic rose powder and a bright-yet-soothing aromatic bouquet of grapefruit, rose, geranium and frankincense. Use Sea Soak in your bath to unwind at the end of a long summer day or for a relaxing wintertime soak.

Ingredients: Nigari (magnesium chloride), fair trade rose petals*, baking soda, jojoba*, essential oil blend*, vanilla bean*. * = organically grown ingredients

Serving size: 1 Cup

Suggested Use: Draw a bath and once tub is filled, slide in and then pour in your Sea Soak. Enjoy a deeply relaxing, restorative aromatic bath.

10.2 oz glass jar

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