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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Good Morning Local Food Supporters!
We are sneaking this September monthly newsletter in just under the wire! October is nearly upon us, the evenings have chilled, the summer was hot and busy and at Pip, since we last wrote, things went from busy, busy, busy to that collective moment on the island where you get to take a deep breath and enjoy the hot days and cool nights and the beginning of the harvest season.
We are all about the apples and the squash, the soups and the cabbages but you know what REALLY got us through this first summer? Coffee. And lots of it. We never, ever intended to be a coffee shop - there are lots of lovely coffee shops on the island. But, we do think coffee pairs well with just about all activities, including grocery shopping. We also really wanted to push the limits on shopping with us being a whole event and lovely experience AND we knew we would be spending a lot of time there ourselves so having a good cuppa was key. We have kept the options simple and classic (other than our current Pumpkin Spice Latte made with house-made Fairytale Pumpkin spice blend) with the BIGGEST choice we offer you being whether your beverage is to go or to stay? Did you all know we offer A WHOLE DOLLAR OFF if you bring your own cup OR stay and have your coffee WITH us in one of our mugs?
It looks like about 15% of you knew that but we would LOVE more of you to stay and sip or BYOC because we love having you take a moment and relax and we also LOVE the idea of reducing waste. So next time, come and sit with us! Look at the beautiful Pip-made soups and local meats for roasting! Smell those bagels coming hot out of the oven!
You may also have been wondering what makes our coffee so amazing? Well, it has a lot to do with the beans from Nantucket Coffee Roasters who just happens to be our featured maker this month. Wes from Nantucket Coffee had a three-bean blend that he just knew Chris and Mayumi would like and little did he know, all THREE of us, despite the one big disagreement and debate we have regularly is around drip coffee (my favorite) vs espresso (Chris and Mayumi), love the blend. It doesn't matter how you make it, Wes nailed it for all of us and we are delighted to have the Pip Blend as THE blend we use. The Pip Blend is gentle but strong, a medium roast that definitely tastes the best in an Eve Christa Mug OR one you brought from home.
On that note, click below to read a little more about Wes and we hope you all are feeling inspired by the beautiful fall produce that is all over our island farms and filling the bins at Pip.

Just showing off some examples of how beautiful our coffee looks in an Eve Christa mug...come and sit with us or show off your fave To-Go-Mug and save a dollar every time!!


Change. A polarizing conversation at best sometimes on Nantucket but there are a few things that we KNOW we can all agree on that we don't want to change. Like the chopped salad at Languedoc or the Lobster Roll at Sea Grille. Another thing we can probably all agree on is that we never really want that first cup of coffee in the morning routine to change. Our featured maker this month, Wes Van Cott from Nantucket Coffee Roasters, knows this well and one thing on Nantucket that hasn't changed in 30 years that you probably never even knew about - the roasting machine Wes uses to make his island-iconic blends and single bean roasts.......keep reading


We have been coming in strong with all the soups and it being the start of soup season and all but it is!!! We are excited, can you tell? This one is one that you can adjust for the season and is going to get you all the way through to Spring. Is it Autumn? Add squash. Is it Winter? Add some Kale. Is it Nantucket's Prolonged Winter aka Feb-June? Add microgreens and some roasted beet. Here is the link to the original recipe. Below is the ingredient list with our Pip tweaks noted:

What you’ll need:
* Butter (Cowbella!!)
* Shallot
* Garlic
* Baby Bella Mushrooms
* Beef Broth (ask about us our beef broth ingredients)
* White Wine (so many choices...)
* Worcestershire Sauce (sub a Moromi Sauce for a mysterious umami kick)
* Spices- Salt, pepper, dried dill, paprika, and dried thyme
* Pearl Couscous (how about Maine Grains Farro!)
* Half and Half (we've got your cream and your milk)
* Sour cream (hello Sidehill Sour Cream)
* Crusty Bread (Pink Salt Sourdough for the win)


SLEEPER'S PICK: 2021 Petit Oratoire, 'La Partouze'

Trying this wine for the first time was one of my most exciting tasting moments all summer. Why? Because I've never had anything like it. It was extremely exciting and refreshing to taste something completely different and in its own league.

Lori Haon started his winery just 6 years ago at the age of 21! Now look at him?! He's turning the heads of wine nerds like me all over the world. Lori had three years of very bad luck when he started his winery in Southern Rhône and he fell victim to a wild boar attack on his grapes, a year of rot, and a year of drought. With some serious patience and perseverance, he was able to make his first good vintage of wine 2019 and the years following have been super impressive. He's a young wild-man who isn't scared to blend grapes that don't usually go together in a bottle. He grows 13 different varieties of grapes on a very small plot of land. He's a real cool dude doing real cool things.
Speaking of 13 grape varieties, they all have found their way into this bottle! La Partouze (I'll let you look up the lustful translation) is a combination of...deep breath...grenache, carignan,. syrah, mourvèdre, pinot, cinsault, cabernet, melot, grenache gris, grenache blanc, riesling, roussanne, and viognier...phew! The coolest thing about this wine is that it's not red, it's not white, and it's not rosé either. It's in its own world as a perfectly juicy, playful, and zippy wine that should be enjoyed with a best friend.
This one took me right back to sour patch kids and peach rings. Its bouquet on the nose brought a smile to my face and the flavor brought me back to my childhood. Grab one today because they won't be around too long. This is a perfect example of how wine should be fun. Thanks, Lori, for keeping us young!


Round the Bend Farm is an amazing place if you ever get a chance to make it over for one of their events or Open Farm Days in Dartmouth, MA. They are a working farm, an education farm that focuses on regenerative agriculture and supporting Agripreneurs, nature and community. There is a lot going on and so much to learn. One of my favorite pieces is the composting piece - they work with a local café, Davoll's, to collect food scraps for the pigs and chickens as well as working with Moby Dick Brewery in New Bedford to collect the spent grains from brewing as a feed for the pigs. That kind of circular thinking and resource sharing makes my heart flutter.


  • Pumpkin Spice Latte with Pip's Own Fairytale Pumpkin x NY Shuk Pumpkin Spice
  • House Made Almond+Cashew Milk
  • Apples, Plums and Squash Galore
  • Cabbages coming in strong
  • Soups!!!!
  • Smoked Ham Hocks
  • Frankfurters and Sausages
  • Bagels
  • Cajeta
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