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White - Frantz Chagnoleau, White Burgundy

2019 Mâcon Villages, "Clos Saint-Pancras"

Appellation/Region: Mâcon, Burgundy, France

Grape: Chardonnay


This is just a lovely representation of White Burgundy. And we are White Burgundy lovers. We will guide you through the hills of Burgundy any day and you'll see that theme as our wine program develops. You cannot get this into your glass fast enough. This husband wife duo of southern Burgundy do not mess around. They're producing beautiful wines that most sommeliers would blind taste and place in heart of Burgundy next to St. Aubin, St. Romain, or Puligny. 

Frantz Chagnoleau and his wife Caroline Gon are bringing the world what it's been looking for out of the Mâcon for a long time. Caroline is the former winemaker at Comte Lafon, which is arguably one of the greatest houses in Burgundy and thus, the world. In a very short amount of time, Frantz and Caroline have turned his small domaine into a must have for all Burgundy lovers. The wines are truly world class; a whiff and a sip is all it takes to know we are dealing with something really special. Don’t miss out!

Tasting notes: Green apple, pear, apricot, honeysuckle, melon, stone fruit, and so much more. Prepare for an adventure. 

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