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White - Cascina San Michele, Cortese

2019 "Vino Eteronimo Blanco"

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Grape: Cortese


As the kids like to say, "this wine slaps!" (Looking at you, Julia). It's a very modern and natural representation of Cortese. It's unfiltered and has a bit of skin contact that gives the wine a bit of an orange hue. If you're up for trying new things and adding a cool wine to your bag of tricks at your next dinner party, this is the one. At first taste I said, "I need to show this to all of my friends!" It's mouth-watering acidity will stand out and blends perfectly with citrus and floral notes. It comes from a diverse landscape and shows off with diverse flavor. The grape Cortese is native to Piedmont and you may know it as the grape in the commonly known wine from Gavi. 

Winemaker Marco Minnucci is a true farmer who is new on the scene in Piedmont. He started the winery just 6 years ago and has been turning heads since. He uses zero chemicals, zero intervention and rarely filters his wine. 

Tasting notes: Yuzu, lime, apricot, and delicate white flowers. 

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