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Vinegar: IPA Beer Malt

American Vinegar Works

Made from a Massachusetts craft IPA this vinegar is malty and tangy leaving you with a slight mouth water finish from the hops. It is slow fermented in small batches using a unique process from the early 1800s and aged in 25-gallon American oak barrels. IPA Beer Malt Vinegar is the ultimate vinegar for fish and chips. But don't stop there... douse on fried fish, finish stews, season roasted cruciferous vegetables, or add brightness to sauces.  

Small-batch vinegars slow fermented using the German drip method, a technique from the 1800's.  The vinegar takes two to three months to ferment, and then ages for up to a year in spent rye or whiskey barrels to add complexity.  

8.5oz bottle

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