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Tinned Fish: Scallops in Vieira Sauce

Crack this tin open and find a crew of whole bay scallops nesteled in a traditional, deep-bodied Vieira sauce.  Imagine yourself as a sweet little scalop in a hot tub of tomatoes, onion and spices, soaking up the essence, becoming more and more tender by the minute.  These scallops can be enjoyed as is or put them over some pasta or rice for an even bigger pay off - truly a whole meal in a can. 

Ingredients: Scallops, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, onion and spices. 

Island Creek Oysters is an oyster farm in Duxbury, MA USA. Since 1992 they've ben bringing the world's best shelfish to elite chefs and home cooks.  We love these single origin tins from Conservas Mariscadora because they allow you to stock your pantry or hit the road with super premium seafood--no ice packs or air cargo required.   Island Creek has taken their passion for gourmet tinned fish on the road and found the very best.  Every tin they offer is harvested by small, independent fishermen from EU certifed sustainble fisheries; fully traceable; and packed in southern Europe in Conservas Mariscadora's 100 year old cannery by staff who are paid a living wage. 

Net Weight 110g / 3.9oz.      Drained Weight 60g / 2.1oz



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