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Sweet Success DIY Cookie Box

Sweet Success DIY Cookie Box

A message from the maker...

"Hi All...

I’m Sarah Lorraine, Health Coach & self- taught home baker, living in NYC. I have been baking since I was a little girl & it has always given me a sense of independence, as well as accomplishment. When I create a delicious batch of cookies, or master a pie crust - I feel good! If I can see & hear how yummy the cookies are or how crisp that crust was, I feel even better!

Over the years, a chocolate chip cookie recipe hasn’t changed much, but the dietary needs of not only myself, but many others have. It was essential to began my journey of living a healthier life & eliminating foods that didn’t make me feel my best.

I was determined to save my "sweet tooth" & master everything from the chocolate chip cookie to the lemon meringue pie; while staying clear of gluten & dairy.

So, I got to work & completely changed the way I viewed & enjoyed allergen friendly baking! I tested my luck (as well as my "secret recipe") & entered a local baking contest; I knew I was onto something big when my cookies actually won for Fan Favorite!

My goal is to enhance the baking experience for you, which I have mastered: by eliminating the hassle & providing you with the key components to achieving Sweet Success!

Now, with the "mess & guess" gone, an easy to follow guide, as well as sourced quality provisions, you can have fresh-from-the-oven baked goods & a memorable experience that will inspire you to truly discover the baker in you!

Love, Sarah "

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