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Yesfolk Tonics: Spring Melodies Kombucha


From the Plant Therapy Series: Offering the therapeutic support of our plant allies. Adaptogenic and medicinal herbs are infused in single origin tea kombuchas to create a delicious and seasonally appropriate blend. Even tides is created by fermenting single origin organic green tea in American oak barrels using live active kombucha cultures and infusing with Passionflower, Lemon Balm, and Lavender.

~ Chill ~ Ease ~ Unwind~

Listen to the joyous sounds of life all around you.  Earth is singing you a gentle song. Release your cares. embrace the sensation of deep calm. 

Ingredients: green tea*, house kombucha culture, cane sugar*, passionflower*, lemon balm*, and lavender* . *organic

12oz can (single)