Mushrooms have been lauded not only for their rich umami flavor, but also valued in worldwide cultures for nutritional and therapeutic qualities. Tavernier has combined the two by pairing Latin American seeds (including chocolate, which is technically a seed!) with locally foraged fungi and roots to create an earthy, flavorful concoction.

Deep Woods Mocha mix is a blend of the nutty, roasted flavors of panela-sweetened Ecuadorian dark chocolate and the superfood ojoche sourced by the Vermont company Healing from Foods, a tree seed that grows in the same countries as cacao and has a rich coffee-like flavor.Add the earthy flavors of Vermont foraged chaga and reishi mushrooms, the toasty flavors of locally gathered roasted dandelion root and chicory, deep dark cocoa powder and just a hint of Vermont maple sugar sweetness, and you get a mocha flavored drink packed with layers of goodness.

Melts smoothly when stirred into hot milk, vegan mylks, or coffee and espresso drinks. Since Tavernier uses whole ground botanicals, some sediment at the bottom of the cup is natural.

Lightly sweetened. If you like your mocha sweeter, add maple syrup, agave syrup, stevia or honey to taste.

Does not contain coffee, ojoche seed does not contain caffeine.

12 oz. packaged in a handsome kraft compostable re-sealable bag.