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Sausage, Rhubarb Mostarda

Sausage, Rhubarb Mostarda

Raven & Boar is a woman owned farm in Northern Columbia County, Founded in 2009. Each small herd of pigs are raised with care on open pasture and forest.  The pigs are all heritage breeds, mostly Large Black, Gloucester Old Spot, and Red Wattle, with some Berkshires, Tamworth, and a few Mulefoot and Herefords. 

Raven & Boar's pigs are fed grains, grass, vegetables, fruits and naturally foraged roots and acorns. The pigs are rotated on seasonally managed pasture.  


INGREDIENTS: Pork, salt, black pepper, Massachusetts rhubarb, garlic, white wine, mustard seeds, apples, shallots and spices. Gluten and Dairy Free

approx. 1lb 

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