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Salami: Northern Spicebush

Pork and beef blend spiced with the drupe of the Northern Spicebush, a native shrub in the Laurel family, aka Appalachian Allspice. One of several salamis asmallgood makes centered on native and wildcrafted ingredients. Like all their salamis: fermented with wild cultures and moulded with Koji.

asmallgood uses whole animals sourced direct from local farms, raised on living pasture with the highest level of animal welfare. asmallgood proudly makes salami with terroir, products that could not be made anywhere else. The heart of their program is wild fermentation - forgoing the traditional freeze-dried cultures for their own in-house ferments. These are built up from spent hard cider lees collected from a local hard cider that spontaneously ferments it's cider. To this they add their own lacto brines to build up the vigor before using it to catalyze the fermentation of their salami.  They are currently the only USDA facility in the US wild fermenting its products.

Ingredients: beef, pork, salt, cider, spice bush, garlic, Koji, potassium nitrate, beef casing.


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