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Red- Trediberri, Nebbiolo

2020 Langhe Nebbiolo

Appellation/Region: Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

Grape: Nebbiolo


This wine is ELECTRIC. We are seriously obsessed and we need you to share this obsession with us. It is everything nebbiolo should be. It's complex, a little crunchy, bold and elegant. This is what we like to call a "thinking wine" it goes through so many stages over the course of enjoying a bottle, so we recommend you do just that...enjoy!

Italian winemaking stands tall with a deep history through generations and generations of winemakers, but Trediberri is different. They're new, they're fun, and they're awesome. In their words, "We are a young, artisanal family winery. We have no ancestral coat of arms depicting rampant horses and fluttering ensigns. We have no history and that is fine by us: we like talking about the present, through our wines."

Tasting notes: Dried cherries, rose, licorice, plum, and so much more. 

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