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Red- Stolpman, Syrah, Grenache, Sangiovese

2019 Stolpman "La Cuadrilla"

Appellation/Region: Ballard Canyon, California 

Grapes: Syrah (70%), Grenache (15%), Sangiovese (15%)


Here's one for those that love a bigger style red. It comes out of the Santa Barbara region of California; a warmer area that's know to ripen those big red grapes nicely. This big, juicy red is perfect for this time of year and is made to pair with the foods of the fall and winter. It has energy and enthusiasm paired with juicy explosive fruits. 

The story about this winery is extra cool. Tom Stolpman set out to create a winery that would not succeed on the backs of people being taking advantage of. Their year-round employed vineyard workers call themselves "La Cuadrilla" and they all share profits at Stolpman. They harvest under the moonlight and take their organic/biodynamic practices seriously. If you buy this one, you're contributing to something great; a model that sets an example for fairness and sustainability. 

Tasting notes: Bright red and dark purple fruits. From cherry to plum this one has all the fruit with chalky tannin on the finish. 

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