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Red- Les Grandes Vignes, Cabernet Franc

2019 Les Grandes Vignes "Cabernet Breton"

Region: Loire Valley, France

Grape: Cabernet Franc

Organic & Biodynamic

This one is the perfect cool fall evening sipper. It's a cab franc that holds a medium body and some great concentration, all while being fresh and juicy. With a bit of spice, light tannin, and herby qualities; this wine is suited for all of your fall and winter foods. It's great for roasts, spiced squash dishes, grilled fish, and Nantucket bay scallops. 

Les Grandes Vignes has been owned and operated by the Vaillant family since the 17th century. They're true farmers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. The love for the land can be tasted in every one of their wines. They practice organic and biodynamic and have quite a diverse landscape bordering their vineyards. The hills are sprawling with different trees, herbs, and flowers; and you can taste the complexity in their wines. 

Tasting notes: Blackberry, currants, sage, rosemary, black pepper, and slight tobacco. 

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