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Red- L'Aitonnement, Savoie Blend

2019 Vins d'Envie "Croire Au Yeti"

Region: Savoie, France

Grapes: Gamay (50%), Mondeuse (30%), Pinot Noir (20%)


Welcome to a mountainous adventure. This alpine wine from the high slopes of the Savoie is gorgeous and extremely drinkable. Like it's namesake The Yeti is funky, fun, and mysterious. This wine is for someone who will rip a double black diamond, stay out a little late, or try anything on the menu. Drink it up because you never know when the Yeti will go back into hiding. 

This project from Guillaume Lavie and Maxime Decoine is for the Beaujolais lovers, the Jura lovers, and the alpine wine lovers. They make natural wine that is true to the landscape of rigid rock and pine trees. They want to show the world what their region has to offer with as little intervention as possible. These wines are an expression of mountains of the Savoie. 

Tasting notes: Raspberry, mountain herbs and an unforgettably striking acidity. 

*Must be 21 to purchase*


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