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Red- Floral Terranes, Merlot

2020 Floral Terranes Merlot

Appellation: North Fork, Long Island, NY


Organic, Biodynamic, Natural
*Natty Alert, this wine is funky, esoteric, and a little different*

This Merlot was sourced from a top secret, two-acre backyard vineyard in Orient (on the outer reaches of the North Fork, Long Island), planted in the 1990s. The grapes ferment in whole clusters and they're just left alone. The boys at Floral Terranes just let the wine do its thing. It pops out of the bottle very much still alive and kickin. This merlot is serious. It's powerful and dark, but it is still approachable with some considerable structure. It's worth decanting because this one is just wanting to get outta the bottle or be aged a bit. 

Erik Longabardi and Benford Lepley’s Floral Terranes project is a beautiful act of cultural preservation, art and agriculture. And it’s delicious. Long Island was, not so long ago, an agricultural oasis that supplied Manhattan with food. The latter half of the 20th century redefined this landscape, with Robert Moses and others using the heavy hand of machinery to lay motorways through the Hempstead plains and beyond. This direct line to the city quickened the transformation from farmhouses to mansions, and then later the subdivision of mansions into suburban sprawl. These guys are trying to preserve the old landscape and embrace the resilience of the land. 

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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