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Red- Crealto Grignolino

2019 "Marcaleone"

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Grape: Grignolino

Organic, Biodynamic

I must admit, this is my go-to red wine of 2021. Thanks to weekend evenings at Ventuno I always had this wine nearby and I am forever grateful. Who would have thought Grignolio would be the grape of 2021? You can drink this one on its own, with roasted veggies, red meats, and fish like striper or tuna. It is so versatile and approachable, and I recommend having this one nearby for your next dinner party. Also, if you find yourself at Ventuno this fall, order the lamb and have a couple glasses of this.   

50 years ago Carlo Quarello, who's known as the “master of Grignolino" planted a small vineyard in northern Piedmont. Two sommeliers Eleonora Costa and Luigi Armanino purchased some of the plot in 2008 and began making wine to honor the 50 year history of the beautiful grape. They now make delicious wine, while farming organic vegetables for their small restaurant. 

Tasting notes: Bright strawberry & cherry, light tobacco, thyme, cedar, and crushed rose.   

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