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Red- Clos Des Mourres Syrah

2020 Clos Des Mourres "A Table!"

Region: Southern Rhône, France

Grape: Syrah

Organic & Biodynamic

Put this wine on ice and enjoy the rest of these warm months. The winemaking duo of Ingrid & Jean-Philippe Bouchet grew up in the fields of Southern Rhône and have been picking grapes their whole lives. Their winery "Clos Des Mourres" is named after the dandelion weed "mourre" that Jean-Philippe's grandparents would use for spring salads at the beginning of the budding season. You can see it drawn on the label, and you can taste the land in this wine. When first opened there is a barnyard-like quality on the nose, but as soon as that blows off and you start sipping, there will be no stopping you. This "table wine" is so drinkable with late summer and early fall salads you'll need something else for entrées. 

Tasting notes: It's light, bright, and beautiful. Ripe strawberry with hints of olive and herbs give way to a refreshing and slightly floral finish.

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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