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Pip & Anchor

Uncured pork and beef pepperoni with fennel and chili. Short Creek's salami are all homegrown, made entirely with pork and beef raised on their farm in Northwood, New Hampshire. 

"This is our Pepperoni.  There are many like it, but this one is ours (Editor's note: Actually this pepperoni is pretty much one-of-a-kind.) Our pepperoni is our best friend.  It is our life.  Without us, our pepperoni is nothing.  Without our pepperoni, we are nothing. (Editor's note again: okay, you probably get the point by now, they feel very strongly about their pepperoni, and in time, so will you. Tasting is believing, so try it on your next pizza and see!)

Ingredients: Pork, beef, sea salt, paprika, celery juice powder, turbinado sugar, fennel seed, water, chili, black peppercorn. lactic acid culture.


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