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Organic Face Serum (Complete)

Made on Nantucket!

Complete face serum reveals your natural healthy glow. It is amazing for it’s anti aging benefits ⁠— adds moisture and hydrates, instantly improving your skin

Our formula consist of organic natural ingredients.

Ingredients & Benefits
Sunflower oil: Moisturizes and hydrates your skin. It contains omega 6 acid ,vitamin E, vitamin A ,vitamin D and antioxidants . It fights acne reduces signs of aging and heal your skin.

Passion fruit oil : Improves skin tone, promotes collagen production , reduces lines and wrinkles. It contains vitamin C antioxidants . Helps to improve skin tone reduces inflammation to help treat acne rashes.

Grapeseed oil : Lightens acne scars , minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, protects against free radicals.

Olive oil : moisturize the skin, reduce the signs of aging, lowers risk of acne and increases collagen.

Chemical free. 100% organic vegan. No preservatives. No artificial fragrances or colors.

Directions: Dispense 2 to 3 drops of serum on your fingertips, apply to clean face in the morning and evening.

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