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Nectarine Lemon Marmalade

This preserve is an amalgam. Where with some V Smiley Preserves you can taste all the ingredients in layers, this, like the Bosc Pear Bearss Lime Vanila Marmalade is a set piece, the grassiness of the lemongrass and the herbal sweetness of the bee balm flowers combine with sweet nectarine and tangy lemon to produce a flavor that screams CANDY.

The working elements are lemon shred and nectarine chunks in a nectarine lemon jelly, flecked with bee balm flowers and infused with lemongrass.

This preserve is a flavor bomb and would be wonderful with toast and a creamy cheese like Mt Alice from Von Trapp Farmstead.

The honey sweetened marmalade is made with: nectarine, honey, lemon, lemongrass, bee balm.

2oz jar