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'Nduja Salame

Hailing from Calabria -the toe of Italy's boot - 'Nduja is the fiery, smoky, spreadable salame that will melt your heart.  (Also possibly, your face.) If that sounds like your bag, then you need to make friends with 'Nduja in the kitchen. "How," you ask? Simply spread on a thick slice of grilled crusty bread is a great place to start. Or dolloped on a pizza just about to come out of the oven. Or stirred into a pot of beans. Or with pasta and garlicky greens. Or...

Short Creek's salami are all homegrown, made entirely with pork raised on their farm in Northwood, New Hampshire. These limited release recipes highlight the fresh, foraged, and preserved local ingredients they have at hand and the selection changes with the seasons. 

Ingredients: Pork, Calabrian chili, sea salt, celery juice powder, turbinado sugar, water, lactic acid culture. No nitrite or nitrate added. 

5.5oz (155g)

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