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Spiced Hot Cacao Mix

Perfect for warm Summer nights, snowy Winter afternoons and any time in between, our hot cacao mix is a delightful blend of warming spices, organic sugar, and raw cacao powder.  Raw cacao retains the nutritional benefits and delicate flavor of the cacao beans, which can be lost in the roasting process.  We source the cacao from our friends at Marou Chocolate in Vietnam, who work with small cacao farms using sustainable methods to produce exceptional quality beans. This blend is vegan and gluten free; just add your favorite milk and enjoy!  

5oz jar

Ingredients: Marou cacao powder, organic powdered sugar (cane sugar, tapioca starch), orange peel, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, salt.

Tasting notes: Chocolate, sweet, zest, balanced, smooth

Pairs well with: Whole milk, oat milk, marshmallows. 

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