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Hard Cider - Floral Terranes

2020 Floral Terranes "Moraine"

Region: Long Island


Boy oh boy are we lucky to have this cider. Floral Terranes ciders are incredibly lively. They're made from all organic fruit and show off the uniqueness of New York apples. Though labelled as still, it does have considerable effervescence smilier to a frizzante wine. Enjoy the ride, this one is an adventure. 

Two Long Island natives, Erik and Benford, have been slowly and quietly searching out this landscape – or what remains of this landscape – using Erik’s 18th century home in Rosyln as their base and (literally) garage winery. It begins with an act: making a turn down a random road, inspired solely by the sight of a solitary old apple tree. It grows by connecting with landowners and building relationships with the community. A mall is built, yet the fruit trees still grow. Where the highway wanders, fruit trees grow. Nature has a way of persevering. These guys are very responsible for the NY apple cider renaissance, so join in!

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