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Garlic Scape Salame

Pip & Anchor

Late spring is not exactly a bounty season for super fresh local ingredients up here in the Northeast. But what there is, and in abundance, are alliums: chives first, followed by garlic -- whole green garlic and then, as they start to flower, long curlicues of scapes.  For this Garlic Scape Salami, Short Creek takes all the scapes, process them to a vibrant green paste with handfuls of sea salt, and let it ferment low and slow.  This one's for all the garlic heads out there! (You know who you are, and so do we.)

Short Creek's salami are all homegrown, made entirely with pork raised on their farm in Northwood, New Hampshire. These limited release recipes highlight the fresh, foraged, and preserved local ingredients they have at hand and the selection changes with the seasons. 

Ingredients: Pork, garlic scapes, white wine, sea salt, celery juice powder, water, green peppercorn, turbinado sugar, lactic acid culture. No nitrite or nitrate added. 

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