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Fleur Spice

Curio Spice Co.

Award winning Fleur spice is inspired by the scent of spring, when the earth thaws and a peppery, plant and blossom-filled fragrance fills the air.  Pink pepper brings a bright, floral flavor balanced but he citrusy quality of hibiscus and the intoxicating scent of rose.  Delicious as a rub on salmon, lamb or duck, and beautiful sprinkled on goat cheese.  Also delicious with rice and grain salads, strawberries, yogurt and ice cream.  

Contains: Hibiscus*, pink pepper*, anise, fennel, rose petals, coriander, spearmint, cardamom, lavender, ylang ylang. *allergen warning: hibiscus is intercropped with peanuts, pink pepper is related to cashew/tree nuts

Tasting Notes: Floral, citrusy, sweet, rose, heady
Pairs well with: Cheese, fruits, desserts

1.7oz tin

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