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Finocchiona Reserva "Jacüterie"

2016 Good Food Award Winner. An old Tuscan inspired salami with subtle hints of fennel, garlic, black pepper, and red wine. The first salami "Jacüterie" made, it remains the house favorite. 

"Our Charcutier’s Reserve Salami is made in extremely small batches of 175 lbs or less. We source all the pork for the reserve salami from our own family farm, Herondale Farm. The pigs live in an old oak forest, roaming and grazing as they please in their natural habitat. This gives the pork a unique flavor that is more pronounced than regular salami. With extreme attention to detail we mix the pork with the best spices and herbs, and then slowly ferment and age the salami in our custom drying chambers in our USDA Facility in Ancramdale NY."


Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, red wine, spices, garlic, dehydrated cane juice, vegetable juice powder, lactic acid starter culture

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