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Coffee -- Speedwell Roasters

Speedwell Coffee Roasters -- Small Batch Coffee Roasters, Plymouth MA

Everyday Blend: Toffee/Key Lime/ZEN - Light Roast.

Just like it sounds, it was developed to be an everyday, anytime, crowd pleasing cup.Comprised of Guatemalan and Colombia coffees, this coffee has a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity in the cup, with a light mouthfeel and clean finish. 

Pacific Dark Blend: Cola/Cocoa/Spice - Dark Roast

A dark roast brought back from the Speedwell archives. This dark roast is a deep chestnut bean color, and roasted well into second crack. It has a wonderful sweetness from the Guatemala, and a spice character, with deep syrupy body from the Sumatra. 

Guatemala La Colmenita: Fruit Sweetness/Cranberry/Dark Chocolate - Medium Roast

We are super excited that the fresh 2021 crop from Francisco Cardona Martin and his farm, La Colmenita ("The Beehive"), has arrived at our roastery. Full of fruit sweetness, cranberry acidity, and cooling into dark chocolate this year, this coffee never disappoints. La Colmenita is a high altitude farm, sitting 1850-2000 meters above sea level, in Buena Vista, Huehuetenango in NW Guatemala. This is our third year purchasing lots from Francisco and La Colmenita.

12oz bags of  Whole Coffee Bean 

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