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Cools Ya Twice ~ Iced Tisane Blend

This iced tea blend cools you twice: the herbs themselves are cooling, and then you're serving it over ice! Doubly cool & tasty-licious.  Great way to cool down at the beach!

Ingredients: Anise-hyssop, lemon balm, sage, mint. 

1oz (28.3g)

We're a small herb farm and apothecary in Chelsea, Vermont specializing in naturally-grown teas, culinary herbs, bulk herbs, herbal remedies, and herbal body care. Our farm is situated high in the hills of the White River watershed in the Upper Valley region of eastern Vermont. Our herbs are harvested by hand and freshly dried right on our farm. We dry herbs in traditional hanging bunches, as well as in our farm-made herb dryer, taking the utmost care to preserve the essential constituents that give each herb its flavor, potency, and magic. We handcraft our preparations in small batches in our farmhouse apothecary.


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