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Hard Cider - Pony Shack

"Bliss" Semi-Sweet (16oz)

Location/Distance: Boxborough, MA 109 Miles

We've found our everyday/all the time cider! This one is semi-sweet but brings us all of the earthy, orchard-y things we love about our home state. Too often do semi-sweet cider lean toward the latter and this one does not. It's refreshing with that perfect fresh off the orchard taste. 

When a group of friends in a small town went apple picking with their kids to make them cider they decided the adults should indulge in, well, a more adult way. Nate; the scientist, father, husband, and maple syrup & jam maker decided he could do it and share his delicious cider with the world outside of Boxborough. They have access to some of the country's most delicious fruit and you'll understand at first sip. 

Abv: 5.2

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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