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Beer - Remnant Brewing Pale Ale

"Dream Pop" Oat Pale Ale (16oz)

Location/Distance: Somerville, MA 73 Miles

This one was brewed on their opening day and was the pop of the dream in Somerville, MA. It's been Remnant's most popular from the start. It's a juicy, hazy, and smooth pale ale made with oats from Valley Malt in Western, MA. It's is extremely satisfying and can stand up to some of your more hearty fall and winter flavors. 

Remnant is one of the newest craft brewers in a town that has quickly become known for excellent craft beers. Their little tap room and brewery in Bow Market has become a popular spot for all the cool kids in Somerville. This crew is all about fun and they're an integral part of a neighborhood that welcomes all. 

Abv: 5.9

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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